Palm tree
Palm tree

Our Beers

Taula Original Lager

Taula Original Lager 4.9% alc/vol available in both 330ml and 660ml bottles.
A clear, smooth beer with a subtle hoppiness and mild bitter finish.

Taula Strong Lager

Taula Strong Lager 7.0% alc/vol available in 660ml bottles.
A crisp, smooth lager with a sweet finish.
Not to be taken lightly. Not for the mosi.

Manutagi Pilsner

Manutagi Pilsner 4.9% alc/vol available in 330ml bottles.
A full body beer with a floral aroma and a pleasant balance of hoppiness.

Sama Export

Sama Export 4.6% alc/vol available in 330ml bottle only.
A light, summery beer with pleasant aroma and delicate hoppiness.
Goes excellently with fresh lime slices.