Palm tree
Palm tree

Who We Are

After years struggling with beer in Samoa, a handful of locals got together and decided to commit to creating a beer that we could call our own. In 2012, the only 100% Samoan owned and operated brewery capped it's first beer and the rest is history.

In ancient times, our people navigated the vast Pacific with few belongings. Searching wide and far, the tribes of our ancestors came across a scattering of beautiful, untouched islands. Mountainous from extinct volcanoes and lush from highly fertile soil, these time-old voyagers saw fit to anchor their boats here at a place soon to be named, Samoa. For such a place abundant with life and resources, our early Samoans decided that this anchor will stay. 


It became known from the times of our ancestors that the water running from the high mountain tops and through our rivers held a special characteristic. Years and years of a water cycle that filtered the water through stretches of volcanic rock, there was no better place than here for us to combine our waters to create our finest quality beer. 


Taula, the Samoan name for anchor. Taula, the decision made by our voyaging ancestors to anchor here in these islands and call it home.